This site is dedicated to American veterans everywhere and in memory of US Army, DAV, Robert W. Herbert

What is "Kids Thank a Veteran"?

The primary purpose of this web site is to thank our American Veterans who have served in the United States Military. You will also find buttons giving you information on many other topics which are related to our American service personal, patriotic crafts, our flag, Veterans holidays, American wars and conflicts, memorials, teacher activities, etc., as well as other websites which will give you additional information on a variety of related topics.

“Kids Thank a Veteran” will let you tell us that you have thanked a Veteran by just saying “Thank you for serving”. It`s that simple. Many Veterans wear a special hat or button which would identify them. You will see Veterans at many parades and special events. There are rules that must be followed.

Never bother a Veteran. A Veteran has a right to his/her privacy and this privacy should be respected. If they look busy, do not bother them.
Never go up to any person you do not know without an adult present. Your safety is important!
Just say “Thank you for serving”. That is all you need to do to make a Veteran feel appreciated and all you need to do to register.
If you do talk to a Veteran (with an adult present) never give out personal information. You do not need their personal information, and they do not need yours.

Please fill out the Registration Form and let us know your Age, State and your experience with a Veteran.
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